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Enriching Our Signature Programs

We reaffirm our commitment to educating 
the whole child across intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. We remain steadfast in our belief that this approach will equip our students to thrive 
at WES and beyond.

Experiential learning has been a defining feature of our program for many years, and we will continue to emphasize and expand it at all levels. We will also thoughtfully and intentionally integrate comprehensive wellness as a core component of our programming.

Our program will prepare students to embrace challenges and work across differences to collaborate with people who see problems and solutions in diverse ways.

WES will create and amplify signature experiential programs that combine academic rigor with real-world applications at every grade level to ensure that WES graduates are equipped to thrive in a complex world.

  • Advance our long-standing mission, centered on developing students who are kind, confident, and prepared, by creating a dedicated civil discourse program to cultivate effective and collaborative solution-building skills in students at all levels.
  • Research, integrate, and expand social-emotional and spiritual wellness programming across the student experience to support students in seeking balance, self-reflection, and resilience.
  • Amplify our focus on experiential learning by building signature experiences at every grade level that foster agency, collaboration, and the courage to solve big problems.
  • Build a faculty-led, school-wide curriculum review process that partners with outside experts to ensure the identification and implementation of innovative, research-based curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Reimagine the use of time throughout the instructional day to optimize the impact of our academic programming.
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